The Bookies Pencil: Viz Annual 2017 por Viz

The Bookies Pencil: Viz Annual 2017 por Viz

Titulo del libro: The Bookies Pencil: Viz Annual 2017

Autor: Viz

ISBN: 1781065438

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Viz con The Bookies Pencil: Viz Annual 2017

Contains Adult Content.2016 is set to go down in history as the year that Viz released another annual. This year?s compilation, The Bookie?s Pencil, is a magnificent collection of the best strips, features, spoof ads and stories from the nation?s favourite humour mag. Editor Hampton Doubleday has taken issues 232-241 and discarded all the dross, leaving just the cream for his readers to savour, including?-Cartoons: Roger Mellie, Mrs Brady, Sid the Sexist and many more.-Regular Columns: Letterbocks, Top Tips and Tony Parsehole.-Informative Features: Who?s Who at a Tabloid Newspaper, Believe It or Not about Pianos and What Can You Spot on the Motorway.-Exciting Adventures: Roy?s Dad of the Rovers, The Receptionist of Dr Van Helsing and The Lapdancing Nit Nurse of Greyturrets School.All these and more, but not Billy the Fish, are crammed into The Bookie?s Pencil?s 160 laugh-packed pages. Viz, The Bookie?s Pencil is my tip for this year. It?s the odds-on favourite to romp home by a head in this year?s best seller stakes. With a nice and colourful cover stuck on the front, this hilarious compilation is perfect for Viz fans. This hardback book has 160 pages and measures: 30.5 x 23.5 x 1.5cm.